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"Enterprises everywhere are realizing the inherent benefits of running their core IT services in the cloud,” said Todd McKinnon, most recently VP of Engineering at from 2003 to 2009, and now CEO of the on-demand identity and access management service, Okta. "This shift fundamentally requires them to rethink their IT infrastructure and how their employees access it," McKinnon added. "Okta," he continued, "is the only enterprise class, on-demand service purpose built to help customer secure and manage their entire cloud services network and the people who need access to it, with no professional services required." McKinnon was commenting on the day that he and his team launched a new on-demand service to accelerate the secure adoption of Cloud Apps. Pandora, LiveOps, Enterasys, FusionStorm, and AMAG Pharmaceuticals are the first to roll out Okta identity... (more)

Facebook, Google, and the Near-Term Future of the USA

On the day when the Dow Jones Industrial Average topped 12,000 for the first time since June 2008, it was impossible not to correlate the eloquence and optimism of President Obama's "State of the Union" speech on Tuesday night with the restoration of a sense of perspective and hope in the USA about the future. Obama grasped the nettle full-on. "We are poised for progress," he declared, adding: "Two years after the worst recession most of us have ever known, the stock market has come roaring back. Corporate profits are up. The economy is growing." As one blogger expressed it, though - and he is a former Goldman Sachs trader called Tyler Durden, so he ought to know wheref he speaks: "There was a massive pink elephant in the room called reality though." Durden's gripe is with what he deems to be the unreality of Obama's praising Google and Facebook so highly in an Ameri... (more)

iPad’s Loss of Market Share to Android Greatly Exaggerated

The latest tablet figures claim that shipments doubled sequentially in Q4 to 9.4 million units, up 120% from 4.4 million units in Q3, and that iPad – which owned 96% of the market in Q3 – suffered a 21% share loss to Android – up 2,000% – complements of Samsung purportedly getting off two million of its Android-based Galaxy Tabs. There’s only one little thing the headline-grabbing researcher, Strategy Analytics, didn’t make quite clear. According to the Wall Street Journal those Samsung tablets weren’t sold through to paying end users. They’re floating around somewhere in the channel. Actual purchases, Samsung admitted, were actually “quite small.” Apple, on the other hand, by its own count, actually sold 7.3 million iPads. iPad’s next test will be the Motorola Xoom, the first Honeycomb-based Android slate due to be promoted during the Super Bowl this Sunday like the ... (more)

Cloud Expo 2011 New York Expands Technical Program

Due to a record increase in the number, quality and breadth of submissions to the Conference Advisory Board, the organizers of 8th Cloud Expo (June 6-9, 2011) - Cloud Expo New York 2011 - have extended the technical program through the addition of an all-new "Telcos in the Cloud" track - to complement the already extensive selection of tracks, including "Enterprise-Level Cloud Computing," "Federal/Government Cloud Computing," "Real-World Virtualization,"Cloud Security & Performance," "The Cloud in Practice: Case Studies," and the always-popular "Hot Topics" track. Because the sheer quantity and quality of submitted sessions has outstripped the ability to assess each one fully and fairly - there have been a staggering 1,300 submissions thus far, for just 150 or so slots - the deadline for submitting speaking proposals to the conference is also being extended too, unt... (more)

Obama Endorses the Value of U.S. Social Technologies

"We are the nation that put cars in driveways and computers in offices; the nation of Edison and the Wright brothers; of Google and Facebook. In America, innovation doesn’t just change our lives. It’s how we make a living." With this one sentence, spoken Tuesday during his State of the Union address, President Barack Obama ushered in once and for all the Age of Sociotechnology, the age that recognizes the importance of the interaction between people and technology in both workplaces and society. Obama recognizes perhaps better than anyone in America the extent to which technology nowadays is socially constructed and society is technically constructed. "We are the nation...of Google and Facebook" - those eight words may well go on to become the most significant President Obama has ever uttered to date. For better or for worse, it would seem that the destiny of the U.S.... (more)

Google’s Knowledge Graph Bringing Semantics to the Masses

With Facebook’s IPO upon us, the timing of Google’s latest press blitz should probably be regarded with a healthy dose of suspicion, but the unveiling of the Knowledge Graph is an important step in Google’s journey — and a reaffirmation of values diluted by recent dalliances in social networking. Writing for The Atlantic, Alexis Madrigal perhaps describes it best; “To me, this update is the epitome of what Google does best. The graph makes the process of Googling something faster, easier, and better. The corporate imperative to keep people searching on Google in the face of renewed competition matches up very nicely with consumers’ desires for the best, fastest search experience. That hasn’t always been the case with the company’s social search integration, so this update feels so refreshing. It’s like a friend in the midst of a midlife crisis returning the Porsche... (more)

Samsung-Google Galaxy Nexus Phone Outlawed in US

California District Court Judge Lucy Koh Friday enjoined the Android Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone that Google co-developed because, she said, Apple is likely to prove it at trial that it infringes four Apple patents including the Google nose-pulling Siri unified search patent. Without a preliminary injunction, she said in her 101-page ruling, Apple was “likely to lose substantial market share in the smartphone market and to lose substantial downstream sales of future smartphone purchases and tag- along products.” The harm to Samsung is outweighed by the “irreparable harm” to Apple, she said, but there’s still a hearing scheduled for Monday regarding a Samsung appeal and try for a stay. The threat to Samsung is serious. It remains to be seen whether it’s the thermonuclear bomb Steve Jobs wanted to drop on Android. According to IDC Samsung owns 29.1% of the global ... (more)

Google to Cut 4,000 Jobs at Motorola Unit

After buying Motorola Mobility and its 17,000 patents for $12.5 billion in May, Google is going to try to make the place profitable, something that has eluded it for 14 of the last 16 quarters It's going to start by cutting 4,000 jobs, 20% of the company's 20,000 people. Two-thirds of the job losses will be outside the US. It also means to close a third of Motorola's 92 facilities and simplify its extensive product portfolio to concentrate on high-end tablets and smartphones, losing a lot of its feature phones. Google told the SEC Monday morning that it could foresee about $275 million in severance-related costs but that there will be other "significant" charges it couldn't predict. Most of the $275 million will be written off this quarter. It still expects Motorola's revenues to swing for several quarters. "While lower expenses are likely to lag the immediate negat... (more)

Google Compute Engine Now Available for All

With over 3 million applications and over 300,000 unique developers now using Cloud Platform in a given month, according to Google Sr. VP Urs Hölzle, it is time to open that infrastructure "and make it available to any business or developer anywhere."    Blogging in the Google Cloud Platform official blog, Hölzle wrote: "Over the last fourteen years we have been developing some of the best infrastructure in the world to power Google’s global-scale services....Today, we are introducing improvements to the platform and making Google Compute Engine available for anyone to use." He went on to detail a few new Compute Engine features that are being introduced: Sub-hour billing charges "for instances in one-minute increments with a ten-minute minimum, so you don’t pay for compute minutes that you don’t use" Shared-core instances that "provide smaller instance shapes for l... (more)

Twitter & Facebook Get a Buzz Cut

New Media on Ulitzer Reportedly unable to buy Twitter last summer, Google got Twitter-ized Tuesday. It has integrated a self-affirming, "I tweet therefore I am," so-called babble-style capability smacking a lot of Facebook and Twitter into Gmail so users can share media and status updates with a connected circle of their friends - and the web, if they choose, where it will be indexed and searchable. And Google said an enterprise version is not far behind. Google has been using it internally and claims it's changed their communications. Google Wave is also on the wish list. The widgetry is called Google Buzz and there's also a location-based Buzz application for iPhone and Android phones integrated with Google Maps and local chatter that libel lawyers will doubtless have a field day with. (Imagine users claiming that carbonized onion in their soup down at the local... (more)

Google Buzz’s Privacy Tweaks

Latest Google-Related News, Views & Articles on Ulitzer PC World – Google Buzz got off to a rocky start this week with complaints over exposed Gmail contacts and other privacy issues, and Google has scrambled to fix them. In a blog post, Gmail and Google Buzz Product Manager Todd Jackson outline some changes that will make it easier for new Google Buzz users to control their privacy settings. Here’s a rundown, along with more privacy suggestions — as long as Google’s in the mood to fix things. ... (more)